Cleaning Office Building Reasons

The issue of cleaning facilities particularly commercial offices has always been on demand, especially that more than ever before, managers and workers are prioritizing cleanliness and health at work and COVID-19 cases of susceptance or confirmation are increasing, as well there are places full of dust, germs, dirt, and grime that go unnoticed by many companies and business managers and could lead to health problems which affect employees’ overall productivity. Actually, the cleaning frequency of your office building depends on a number of factors, these are some and the rest are:

  1. Building Passers By

The number of workers you have in your office and customers visiting determines the cleaning frequency as well for:

  • Offices unoccupied frequently, for instance, will not require regular cleaning like those with regular use.
  • Suppose you have an office with virtual clients or without regular visitors, you may only require occasional cleaning, which includes cleaning tiles or carpet and dusting once or twice a week.
  • Regardless of how frequently your office should be cleaned, it would be best if you cleaned certain areas like the restroom and kitchens daily. 
  • This is because these areas are liable to harbor bacteria that will spread through the building easily.
  • Sharing

If your office building is shared with other companies then this leads to regular cleaning of your office weekly if not daily for: 

  • Sharing your office building with other companies will increase the total number of employees, and increase the number of people that are present in the office building and you’ll need to schedule weekly or daily cleaning to keep your employees and the rest of other people healthy.
  • The type of company you share the same building with also makes a difference.
  • If the company you share the same building with is a doctor’s office, for example, you will need to schedule daily cleaning to keep patients healthy.
  • Children Presence

If your office building is shared with other companies with children presence then this leads to regular cleaning of your office weekly if not daily for: 

  • The same rule applies if you share the same office building with facilities serving children. 
  • Children can easily contract germs from unsafe environments. 
  • Keeping the area where they play and learn can help prevent illness and keep them healthier and happier.
  • Occupants

The many employees working in the building determines the amount of cleaning for:

  • The amount of workers and staff in an office building also determines the level of maintenance and cleaning. 
  • If you have dozens of workers, for instance, you may need a commercial office cleaning weekly. 
  • The higher number of staff in the building will increase the level of dirt, especially during rainy weather. 
  • You should, therefore, consider deep cleaning at least once a week to keep your office clean. 
  • A dirty office building drives away customers. 
  • If you have few employees, you may not require a weekly commercial office cleaning task.
  • Type of Business

The type of business also determines the amount of cleaning for:

  • If you are running a school or restaurant, your building needs to be cleaned regularly for safety and health reasons. 
  • An industrial business without a lot of staff and visitors may not need daily cleaning. 
  • Public spaces of your office building like bathrooms and reception need to be well kept.
  • Office Space

How large is the office is a factor that also determines the amount of cleaning for: 

  • No matter the number of staff that work in your office, the size of your office building is another factor to take into consideration. 
  • If you have a large office space it will require more time and resources to keep clean.
  • Frequent Visits

The frequency that your customers do visit your office also determines the amount of cleaning for:

  • In cases where you have regular visitors, ensure you pay close attention to the spaces they visit and ensure they are clean daily to keep customers and visitors happy. 
  • You always want to make sure customers leave with a positive impression of your business.
  • A dirty office drives away customers.
  • Regular Cleaning

Regular office cleaning also determines the amount of cleaning for:

  • Regular office cleaning refers to frequent cleaning practices. 
  • This can be daily, weekly, or monthly. 
  • This includes wiping down tables, vacuuming floors, and dusting surfaces.
  • Regular office cleaning is intended to make the work environment neat and more appealing.
  • If you are to give a specific number on how often regular office cleaning should occur, it depends on the task. 
  • Garbage, for instance, should be taken out daily if the dust bins fill up quickly and for desks, they should be tidied up weekly.
  • COVID-19 Safety

Staying safe during COVID-19 is done with more frequent cleaning for:

  • COVID-19 has changed much about how business is done and how we live. 
  • This virus also influences how often office cleaning should be done. 
  • Deep cleaning of your office is essential, especially if anyone around you has a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case. 
  • A commitment to regular cleaning and building disinfection is a great step you take to protect your guests, staff, visitors, and customers. 
  • COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Here below are some of the precautions you should take to protect your guests, staff, visitors, and customers during COVID-19:

  • Touchpoint Disinfection: Whenever the hand of someone who has been infected with COVID-19 touches the surfaces of your building, the virus could easily spread. But, the use of regular touchpoint disinfection will help address high-risk touch points in your office. 
  • Handwashing and Sanitizing Stations: Placing these at every important place in your office space will allow people passing through to take the essential step to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 and keep you safer.
  • Electrostatic spray disinfection: This is an effective way to clean an entire office building, including all corners and sensitive equipment. This is a great option if you frequently use hardware and tech.
  • Sick Leaves Reduction

Reduced employee sick leave also determines the amount of cleaning for:

  • When you strive to keep your office space clean, there will surely be a reduction in the staff sick days. 
  • This is because germs have a tough time spreading and settling down in clean offices.
  • Doing this will not only make you and your employees healthy but will also be profitable to your company.
  • Your office space says a lot about you and your business. 
  • A clean office provides clients, employees, and customers with better health, enhancing productivity. 
  • Cleaning also prevents mold from developing in your office and prevents health issues associated with mold growth. 
  • Therefore, it is important to clean your office regularly to be safe and healthy.
  • Customer Satisfaction Increase

Increased customer satisfaction also determines the amount of cleaning for:

  • Having a clean office environment will not only make your business the best for customers but will also increase customer satisfaction. 
  • When you prioritize your office cleaning, it will be easy for other people to appreciate the little things you do for them. 
  • Office cleaning has a great impact on customer happiness.
  • Cleaning Service Increase

Actually, you need to trust the professional and experienced team at a professional cleaning company for your office cleaning needs for: 

  • Keeping your workplace safe and clean should be your priority.
  • Critical questions like staff number, frequency of visits, and type of business/company operation determine the amount of cleaning required. 
  • To get the best out of your business, you need to include cleaning as part of your routine. 
  • It’s easier when you have a reliable commercial cleaning service company to help you.
  • You should learn how often you should clean your office and the benefits and what you need to know about regular cleaning.
  • Below are some of the questions you need to answer to help you decide how often you should schedule your cleaning services and these are:
  • How often should you clean an office building?
  • How often should you schedule commercial cleaning services?
  • How different factors determine how often you should schedule a commercial cleaning service for your office? 
  • What to know about regular office cleaning and office deep cleaning?
  • Is your office building shared with other companies?
  • How large is the office?
  • Do your customers frequently visit your office? 
  • How many employees work in the building?
  • What are the benefits of a regular commercial cleaning schedule?
  • Some cleaning companies have been providing quality service for over 25 years. 
  • Reach out and find out how a professional cleaning company can keep your business in your town or area clean and safe.

If you keep on forgetting to clean these commonly missed areas that a pro cleaner never misses and your house or home office following the aforementioned suggestions, then it’s time to bring in extra help. You can hire professional office cleaning services who’ll ensure every corner of the office looks phenomenal when they’re done cleaning. 

For adequate cleaning services and help your home or commercial office look its best, contact Duostar, they’re here to clean every spot with the correct cleaning standards and guidelines and will be happy to help you reach every tight corner and wipe down every surface area to ensure they shine like new.


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