Housekeeping staff

We provide a well-trained housekeeping team who are trained with the premium procedures of various housekeeping techniques. They can assure you a neat, well-kept premise.

Office boys/girls

Need someone to take care of your daily chores at the office? No worries, we have well-experienced office boys/girls for this job! Monitoring the use of supplies within the office, maintaining the equipment, collecting and distributing couriers, filing documents as per the departments – our boys/ girls can do it all!

Janitors and janitress

Call them janitors or custodians; We will provide janitors to visit offices, schools, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings regularly on a set schedule to keep your spaces well cleaned and maintained and carry out a variety of cleaning tasks.

School bus nannies

We provide school bus nannies to help and watch over students during transport to and from school. At Duo Stars, we care about the safety and the well-being of our future generation, and that is why you can count on our experts in this field.

Restaurant Kitchen Assistants

At Duo-Star, our Staff follows strict hygiene, health, and safety rules. Our well-trained assistants are passionate about the food and beverage industry and being part of a team. They can assist the chef and also with other jobs as well, thus, ensuring a smooth workflow.

For further details, please feel free to connect with Duo Star at +971 55 566 6778. You can also drop in your queries to us via email at or fill in our online contact form.