Rope Access Services Dubai


The System

 It’s an innovative system based on tried and tested mountains. Climbing techniques, short integrates highly trained rope access technicians from a wide range of trades and disciplines. It’s specialized means of working in elevated and extreme locations that conventional access methods such as cranes, scaffolding and support systems are too costly, inflexible or labor intensive. 

The Services 

  • Facade and glass cleaning
  • Abrasive and UHP water jetty
  • Inspection/cleaning/maintenance
  • Fire damage cleaning
  • Coating application/inspection
  • Fiber optic light installation
  • Air well maintenance
  • Ship maintenance
  • Rock pigeon netting
  • Post construction and cleaning
  • Power station maintenance
  • Jetty inspection/ maintenance
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Oil rig surveys/ repair maintenance
  • Gas pipe installation
  • Anode installations
  • Lighting conductor installation/ removal
  • Flare tip removal/ replacement
  • Random erection
  • Non-destructive testing/ inspection
  • Paint application and coatings
  • Core drilling
  • Aircraft warning light maintenance
  • Construction assistance
  • Teflon fabric installation
  • Signage fixing and removal

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