With the increasing spread of newly found viruses and pathogens all around the world, it has become very crucial to keep your premises healthy and clean at all costs. You must completely sanitize and disinfect your surroundings regularly to ensure protection from harmful and contagious diseases that could very well jeopardize yours your family’s and your employee’s health.

Duo Star Technical Services LLC is one of the top cleaning service companies that was established in 2009 and has been providing premium quality disinfecting services, including commercial and home sanitizing services all across the UAE. Certified by the Dubai Municipality Public Health and Safety Authority List of Companies for Cleaning and Disinfection, we promise to deliver high end solutions to help you live a healthy and germ-free life in Dubai.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean with our Professional Disinfecting Services

Expert Sanitizing and Professional Disinfecting Services for Your Residential and Commercial Spaces in DubaiOur experts and professional team members are rigorously trained and supervised to carry out the most complex sanitizing and disinfection services in both the residential and corporate settings with expert precision and dedication. We provide excellent home sanitization services and office disinfection treatments using a broad spectrum of hospital grade and EPA registered disinfectants for sanitizing all the important surfaces including the floors, walls, roof, shelves, ventilation units and other equipment.

Our hardworking and dedicated workers with their skilled expertise in providing professional disinfecting services can sanitize hard to reach areas and large settings in the quickest turnaround time and ensure quality, reliability and complete transparency throughout for maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Experts are Ready to Fight the Deadly COVID-19 Virus

COVID-19 has surely taken a toll on all of us and has disrupted life as we know it. In order to stay safe and play our part in controlling the spread of virus, it is very crucial to disinfect your spaces regularly.

At Duo Star, we are all set to fight the pandemic with our powerful disinfectants and fumigants from the authorized manufacturers that kill with 99.99% accuracy and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) approved by the authorities of the UAE. Play your part this pandemic and keep yourself and your peers safe and healthy using our expert office and home sanitization services.

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To find out more about our services, feel free to contact us at +971 55 566 6778 or send us your queries at info@duo-star.com and we will get back to you shortly.